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"No single raindrop believes it's the cause of the flood."

About Us

What is Green Man Labs LLC?

GML is a research and development (R&D) company with the purpose of helping people and the planet. There are many ways to help but for now, GML has chosen to focus on fighting hunger! How? By optimizing and revolutionizing aquaponics methods to make fresh organic food accessible to EVERYONE, not just those who can afford to pay extra for it.

Aquaponics for all!

Unlike most businesses, we have a solution for EVERY budget!

  • Free - System plans, advice, presentations, speaking engagements, and resources (coming soon.)
  • $1-100 - Fruits and Veggies, detailed system plans as pdfs, consultation and existing system checks.
  • $100-$1,000 - Small and medium system parts, small system constructions, custom system designs.
  • $1,000-$10,000 - Small and medium scale system designs, construction, and delivery.
  • >$10,000 - Large and commercial system designs, construction, and delivery.

Charities, non-profits, schools,...

Are you helping people?  Are you trying to make the world better too?  From feeding people to STEM education, to the future of urban farming... WE WANT TO HELP!!!!

GML LLC will do everything we can to help you help others! Contact us about non-retail prices and working together to find funding so that no one has to wonder where their next meal comes from.

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Sorry, no lab visits for now, we are moving! :)

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